15 Jan

 Top up your exhausted toner cartridge with our high quality toner powder refills and you will give it a new lease of life. After all, you don't scrap your new car when it runs out of petrol, do you? Most cartridges can be filled five to ten times. Toner refilling is the practice of refilling empty laser printer toner cartridges with new toner powder. This enables the cartridge to be reused, saving the cost of buying a complete new toner cartridge and the impact of the waste and disposal of the old one . Refilling as a service. Many independent companies offer a refilling service where customers can bring empty cartridges to be refilled. Toner refill franchises have sprung up over the last few years. Such refill chains offer services for customers to bring their empty toner cartridges and have them refilled on site or exchanges with a ready filled toner cartridge. Refilling cartridges does not damage your printer has it has been made to be a believe. Forget a bout the media they say what you pay them to say. Toner refilling has perfected the art of professional refilling. Do not be brainwashed refill your used toner cartridge for only ksh 1600 for all HP toners Samsung toners brother toners canon toners dell toners Kyocera toners. If Your printer start flashing the “Low Toner” warning. You can use the usual old trick of (shaking from left to right) rocking the cartridge, and You will continue printing for a while , but eventually things will start to fade from carbon black to ghostly grey, and it will time to face the fact that your cartridge is empty needs replacement. Always ignore the message that says toner cartridge low please replace there's 25% toner powder inside your toner cartridge.
Save refill reuse rethink. Did your printer breakdown and is beyond repair? If your answer is yes and your supplier will not take back the new or used toner cartridges supplied to you do not keep those new or used toner cartridges until they expire sell them call anywhere within nairobi county other places we make arrangements. Buying used or new.

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